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Report Fault

To report faults on the highway eg. potholes, flooding, blocked drains/gulleys, overhanging trees and shrubs and to report faulty, broken or damaged street lights visit the Hampshire County Council fault reporting website (opens in a new window).

Swanmore Parish Council owns and maintains some footway lighting in the village (see below), faults with any of the following footway lights should be reported to Clerk.

Location Number Location Number
Chapel Rd L1 Medlicott Way L6
Chapel Rd L2 Mislingford Rd L1
Chapel Rd L3 New Rd L1
Chapel Rd L4 New Rd L2
Chapel Rd L5 New Rd L3
Chapel Rd L6 New Rd L4
Church Lane L1 New Rd L5
Church Rd L1 New Rd L6
Church Rd L2 New Rd L7
Church Rd L3 New Rd Spring Vale footpath L8
Church Rd L4 New Rd L9
Church Rd L5 New Rd L10
Church Rd L6 New Rd L11
Church Rd L7 New Rd L12
Church Rd L8 New Rd L13
Church Rd L9 New Rd L14
Donigers Close L1 New Rd L15
Droxford Rd L1 Spring Lane L4
Forest Rd L1 Spring Lane L5
Forest Rd L2 Spring Lane L6
Forest Rd L3 Spring Lane L7
Hill Pound L1 Spring Lane L8
Hill Pound L2 Spring Vale L1
Hill Pound L3 Spring Vale L2
Lower Chase Rd L1 Spring Vale L3
Lower Chase Rd L2 Swanmore Rd L1
Lower Chase Rd L3 Swanmore Rd L2
Lower Chase Rd L4 Swanmore Rd L3
Lower Chase Rd L5 Swanmore Rd L4
Medlicott Way L1 Swanmore Rd L5
Medlicott Way L2 Vicarage Lane L1
Medlicott Way L3 Vicarage Lane L2
Medlicott Way L4 Vicarage Lane Bucketts Farm Close L1
Medlicott Way L5 Vicarage Lane Bucketts Farm Close L2

The Parish Clerk, Parish Council Office, Hollythorns House, New Road, Swanmore, Hampshire SO32 2NW | Map (opens in new window)

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